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Twin Turbo Curing Barn

Mamsen Engineering in partnership with universal leaf Tobacco designed a curing system for small scale farmers that doesn’t not require any electrical or solar power to function. Our heating system is a multi fuel system which allows the farmer to burn the following rules:

1 wood
2 Bio mass
4.Lpg gas

The concept of the twin turbo barn has two very important features.
1 multi fuel heating system
2 The energy by pass system( Allows the farmer to enjoy a 30% saving of fuel in the second barn from the energy being exhausted by the first barn. This system has been certified by the Tobacco research board for3 years with excellent results. Mamsen has entered a partnership with Tobacco research board and Tsl for the marketing, Financing and distribution of the barn. We are looking forward to offering this inovation to all small scale tobacco farmers by 2023/2024.

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