Tobacco Sector

Our managning Director Hanif Mahomed started Mamsen Engineering in a shed at the back of his parents house. He started off manufacturing playground equipment and security screens. Having built up experience with Tobacco processing equipment Prior to setting up his bussiness. He was contacted by Casilee Tobacco processing company who were based in southerton at the time. They started off by giving him minor jobs, He then shortly after became the main contarcator and maintained their plant throughout the year. 

They then offered him a workshop within their complex and he moved his operations there. Whilst the bussiness grew in the back of the cassidy plant mamsen purchased thier own piece of land and started building a factory.This is the same factory where we are currently located. In 3 years we moved in to our factory and the bussiness expanded rapidly moving into the construction industry Automotive industry and Strengthen our position in the tobacco industry. Mamsen engineering being a family bussiness has been moved forward by family ties. Our managing directors two sons have both retured from completing university in Perth Australia With one obtaining a masters in Accounting and the other a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. They have Joined the company are looking forward to taking mamsen Engineering into the future and continuing thier fathers legacy. 

To conclude mamsen engineering has grown into an awarding winning engineering firm completing projects in countries within the southern african region firm and will continue to deliver quality service products and services to our clients for years to come.